The Age of Voice is Here :
why voice apps are so important

We know, images and videos have dominated social media for the past decade – just look at the rise of Instagram, Facebook and YouTube (to name just a few!) However, in the past 6 months, we have seen a new trend dominate the start-up app scene – voice.

So what do we mean exactly by voice, and what voice apps are currently topping the charts?

Why is voice booming?

Voice has been on an upward trajectory for a couple of years now. In 2018, Apple stated that there were just over 500,000 active podcasts available on its platform. By the end of 2020, this number had grown to 1,750,000….impressive! The Covid-19 outbreak certainly contributed to this boom, as confirmed by Spotify who reported that podcast consumption on their platform had doubled in July 2020

But why is this happening? Well, we’ve all spent (at least) a year socially distancing. Some of us haven’t seen our friends or families in months. If we do manage to see people, it’s in small groups. Simply put, we miss human connections. 

At the same time, we have zoom/video chat fatigue. While video chats increased in popularity and frequency at the very start of the pandemic, numbers have dwindled since as we have all spent too much time in front of a screen, smiling and making small talk. Audio solves this for us. We feel like we are part of a conversation – without needing to be video-ready

What voice apps are making a splash?



Clubhouse is, at the time of writing, the belle of the voice app ball. Described as a mixture between radio and a conference call, it allows users to listen to conversations, interviews, and discussions happening live. What’s more, it’s invitation-only, and this level of exclusivity makes it more desirable. 


This app is billed as a ‘daily personal audio show featuring your friends’. It’s essentially an easy way to connect, you record a ‘bean’ which gets sent out to your friends and family. Your friends can then listen to their ‘cappuccino’ which is a mixture of your friend’s beans – your very own personalised podcast! 


Currently in beta mode, RoadTrip lets users open rooms where they can create Spotify playlists and discuss music. There is a lot of hype around this one, so let’s see what happens after its public release!

3 ways your company can get involved in voice


1) Clubhouse events

Use Clubhouse to organise panel events or start discussions relevant to your business. If you don’t want to exclude Android users (of which there are many!), then you can also run the event simultaneously on Zoom. After running 3 events on Clubhouse you can have your own room and community, expanding your reach even further. 

2) Podcasts 

With the boom in popularity that podcasts are experiencing right now, you would be wise to get involved! You don’t need amazing equipment to get started, but make sure that you are 100% aware of who your audience is and what they want to learn. A great format could be that you interview innovators in your field, or that you bring together end-users and CEOs – that could lead to very interesting content!

3) Voice-to-text 

33% of companies have stated that customer experience is a key benefit of integrating voice-to-text technology within their solutions. This could be as a way to ask for feedback or as part of your customer support service. Engagement will increase as voice is such an easy way for your customer to share what’s on their mind. Another option could be integrating voice-to-text when performing employee pulse-checks. It can remain anonymous, but you’ll get a higher response rate if you offer multiple ways of giving feedback. 

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