Instant Feedback & Subscription Box Companies

Subscription boxes have been rising in popularity even before the Covid-19 outbreak, but they have seen a boom in sales since we have all been stuck at home! From date night boxes to monthly beauty product deliveries, there is a plethora of different options available! With fierce competition, how can you make your subscription box stand out? By asking for instant feedback…and listening to it! 

Top benefits of instant feedback


1) Allows for quick product improvements

By asking for instant feedback, you can make quick changes to your product. Imagine your packaging isn’t up to scratch. If you received this feedback quickly, you could even make changes before the next shipment.

2) Provides a customer positive support experience

Let’s face it, the primary reason that we get in touch with customer support is that we are experiencing a problem/issue with the product. We tend to equate customer support with a negative experience. Here, you have an option to turn this around. 

Asking for feedback allows you to create an open and honest line of communication with your customers. They are proactively providing you with feedback, so it is your duty to respond. Ask for more information and explain why you can/can’t implement any changes and provide a positive and engaging customer support experience.

3) Increases loyalty

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that not asking for feedback, or not responding to feedback, is an important reason why buyers leave brands. Every business relies on strong relationships with its customers in order to maintain and grow its sales. Asking for instant feedback shows that you care about your customers’ opinions. This will certainly help you in retaining your client base! 

4) Creates promoters

We all want more promoters! Satisfied customers are your biggest supporters and will gladly spread the word about your business – the best advertisement there is. Remember, more than 92% of customers value reviews and recommendations over all other forms of advertisement. By using instant feedback to increase your customer engagement, you’ll see a rise in brand advocates. 

So, what should you do?


Let’s say you send an email survey asking for feedback. Timing is crucial here. If you send it too early, you risk annoying customers who are yet to receive their boxes. If you send it too late, you will receive less feedback.

There is another option, which will mean that you avoid the timing issue and email spam. Why not put a QR code inside the box, on the items themselves? All your customer needs to do is scan the code and leave a voice message with their impressions. The voice messages will then be converted into text and grouped by pattern to help support teams to act faster.

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