7 Tips for Customer
Service Excellence

We know that 50% of customers say that they will switch to a new brand after one bad experience. The same report tells us that 3 out of 5 customers find good customer service crucial to feel loyalty towards a brand. Excellent customer service will lead to an increase in revenue, a growth in market share, and a reduction of churn. What more could you possibly want? Here are our top tips for customer service excellence. 

Tip 1) Show empathy

This is an important one. As the Cambridge Dictionary states, empathy is ‘the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation’. Crucial when dealing with customers day in, day out. You need to be able to understand them and know how to make them feel heard, feel understood.

One way is to listen to recordings of calls. You will be able to pinpoint moments in which you can do better and when the tone of the conversation switches. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. What do you want to hear, and how do you want to hear it? This will help you to to better at empathising. Need more tips? We think it’s so important that we wrote an entire blog post about it!

Tip 2) Admit your mistakes

It’s ok to admit when you’ve messed up… when you could and should have done better. Companies don’t do this enough but when they do, the response is amazing. 

Don’t always apologise – this will decrease its value. When there is a problem, don’t wait for people to come to you to complain but actively reach out to your customers and say sorry. Say what you are doing to overcome the issue. Explain the situation. This will ultimately lead to fewer negative reviews on Trustpilot and comments on Twitter, as people tend to go there as a last resort. 

Tip 3) Ask for feedback

You know we love feedback here at Softbrik! By asking for feedback, you can improve your product/service, increase customer loyalty and gain more brand promoters. Customers like to feel listened to, and asking for their opinion is a great way to do this. 

There are many different ways of asking for feedback. You should be using them all, with an omnichannel approach. Send email surveys, ask through your chatbot, save notes from support calls and put a QR code on your product for instant feedback. 

Tip 4) Use this feedback to improve

So you’ve asked for feedback. But are you actually doing anything with it? There is nothing worse than asking for your customers’ opinion and not doing anything with it. It will stop people from providing their opinions, and you lose a detrimental customer connection. 

Have monthly or quarterly sessions to go through the feedback received. Make a list of what can be actioned quickly, what needs longer, and what won’t be actioned. Ensure that every team member feels a sense of responsibility and ownership. This will make the turnaround times quicker and your life easier!

Tip 5) Keep customers up to date

You’ve gathered the feedback, analysed it, and are well on your way to making changes. But no one outside of your organization knows about it. By keeping your customers up to date on improvements or changes, you will be able to lighten your workload in the long run

Create a ‘what we’re working on’ page to show what you are working on. You can post updates to this page on social media and mention updates in your support calls. His will show that you are constantly improving and moving forward. Your customers will appreciate it…promise! 

Tip 6) Hire the right people

Not everyone is cut out for customer service. In fact, we would go as far as to say that most people aren’t. Some people are naturally empathetic and service-minded. They have high levels of emotional intelligence and can easily relate to what people are going through. You want these people on your team. 

Put empathy as a job requirement and include it in the interview process. Those who are natural empaths will be excellent additions to your customer service team. You can figure this out through some interview questions.

Tip 7) …And train them well

You’ve hired great people, but that’s not all. You need to train them and continue to offer workshops and trainings throughout their career so they can keep on improving. 

One great way of doing this is having customer support agents attend focus groups so that they can hear the customers discuss your company and become involved in the conversation. You should also allow your team members to act as customers. To go through the buying and use process. They will experience your product/service first hand and understand the frustrations that they hear about on a daily basis. 

Record and analyse all support calls, so that you can highlight moments that could have been handled better. Organise weekly or monthly meetings with your team to go through the most common complaints and come up with strategies to deal empathetically with the issues. By investing in training, you will both motivate your team members and boost performance….and achieve customer support excellence!

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