Knowing & Listening To Your Core Customers

If you are a sports fan, or even just read the papers, you must have heard of the fiasco surrounding the European Super League and the breakaway attempt of 12 European clubs to create their own elitist tournament, devoid of any real competition. The uproar from fans around the world has confirmed what was long suspected, that the owners do not know, or choose not to listen, to their loyal base. Let’s look at the importance of listening to your core customers!

Who are your core customers?

Your core customers are the ones who promote you. They will stick by you whatever their economic situation, they will recommend you to their friends, they are your customer base. The best thing? They don’t require too much from you! They need a little bit of watering, and some love now and then. 

You need to know who they are. You need to send them a discount now and then to reward their loyalty, and take their feedback on board to keep on improving your product/service. When it comes to the football, these are the paying fans who turn up to the football games, who pass their loyalty on through generations. 

What happens when you ignore them? 

Well, take a look at Europe. Read the comments from football fans in the UK, Spain, Italy and, the wider contintent. Once a company is seen to blatantly disregard their feelings, or step over them to find new and shiny customers, the trust is broken and the bond is lost. You can’t take them for granted, as they can switch from passionate promoters to determined detractors from one moment to the next.   

How to keep them on your side? 

If you want to make dramatic changes, you need to get your customers on board. You need to allocate enough time to take their feedback on board, and take the time to convince them. For example, football clubs could have run an online ‘town hall’ explaining their context and asking fans for feedback. Not everybody would have been convinced but certainly listening to their stakeholders and involving them in the process would have increased engagement and allies to their cause.

In the meantime, treat them like the customer rockstars that they are. Create a loyalty programme, reward them and actively gather feedback. Keep improving your product…this is the best thing that you can do for them.

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