Get Instant Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial when it comes to boosting loyalty, reducing churn, and improving your product/service. It isn’t enough anymore to send out surveys after a few days or weeks. You may have already lost your client to the competition! Asking for, and receiving, instant customer feedback is the only way to maintain the customer relationship and move forward! There are currently a few different ways that you can ask for instant customer feedback. 

1) Make sure everything is mobile friendly 

This one is quite obvious! According to, mobile internet usage overtook desktop usage this year. You don’t want to alienate the large percentage of people who prefer to do their surfing with their phone, so your site absolutely has to be optimised for mobile. By this we mean scrollable, clickable, responsive…all of this!

According to Google, 59 percent of shoppers say that being able to shop on their mobile devices is important when deciding which retailer or brand to buy from. 70 percent of smartphone owners who made a purchase in-store turned to their mobile devices to research the purchase beforehand…so make sure you don’t drop the ball on your website! 

2) Live customer chat

This is a great way to get feedback AND help your customers. A step further than a chatbot, this allows for direct conversation and, when done correctly, this can dramatically increase your promoter numbers. Customers can suggest small tweaks, point out glitches or errors that you are quick fixes while you are maintaining the relationship. 

If you are planning a live chat, please make sure you go all in. If you’re chat isn’t available 24/7, then make sure that the ‘online’ times are clearly marked. Make sure your agents keep customers updated. Even if they are looking for a solution, they should write that they are on it, and not remain silent. With most softwares, you can also prioritise chats based on the issue and on chat analytics so decipher the levels of frustration.

3) QR Codes

Still relatively new, QR codes are the best way to get instant feedback from your customers. Imagine that you are a subscription box company sending out your monthly box. Customers open it, see a QR code, and can give hassle-free voice feedback upon opening or using the items. You will receive invaluable feedback that you can use to make some great product improvements.

Remember, asking for instant customer feedback should be done regularly and frequently. This should be at every stage of the customer journey as this is the only way to ensure useful feedback. 

Make sure that you listen to the feedback and action what you can. Keep your customer base up to date with changes and show them that you are taking their comments seriously. 

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