Explore our case studies to understand how can you integrate disruptive technologies like Voice Notes and Machine Learning smoothly into your business to deliver more business results with less cost and dependencies.

Omni Channel
Customer Communication

Companies are used to box-ing customers by channels. But in the era of IoT, Customers will switch communication channels depending on convenience and companies need to keep up.

Lead generation
without marketing

80% of the walk-in traffic to retail stores leave without buying. But store-owners do little to capture them their contacts as future leads while spending a fortune on marketing.

Voice Note
vs Live Calls

Live customer calls require many trained multi-lingual agents esp during peak hour. In contrast voice notes can be grouped and responded without frustrating waiting time for customers.

60 Minutes
to Happiness

A survey proved that customers are happiest and would return to the brand, when the brand responds to their grievance humanely with within the first 60 minutes of raising any concern.