How Instant Feedback Helps You Avoid Product Failure

instant feedback

The customer, as the old saying goes, is always right. While many people misunderstand this to mean that employees should always follow the instructions of their customers, what this really means is that businesses need to respond to the needs and wants of their consumer base.

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Get Instant Customer Feedback

instant customer feedback

Customer feedback is crucial when it comes to boosting loyalty, reducing churn, and improving your product/service. It isn’t enough anymore to send out surveys after a few days or weeks. You may have already lost your client to the competition! Asking for, and receiving, instant customer feedback is the only way to maintain the customer relationship and move forward! There are currently a few different ways that you can ask for instant customer feedback.

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Knowing & Listening To Your Core Customers

You must have heard of the fiasco surrounding the European Super League and the breakaway attempt of 12 European clubs to create their own elitist tournament, devoid of any real competition. The uproar from fans around the world has confirmed what was long suspected, that the owners do not know, or choose not to listen, to their core customers. 

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How To Effectively Conduct an Employee Pulse Check

pulse checks

We love a good pulse check here at Softbrik. They are the best way to know what is going on with your employees, get their opinion on important topics, and ultimately increase engagement and motivation. Let’s dig in a little deeper to see how you can effectively conduct pulse checks in your organization.

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