Frequently Asked Questions


About Softbrik

What is Softbrik?

Softbrik is a Cloud based software as a service (SaaS) product where you can find business apps (Briks) that are designed to take care of all your company’s critical business processes. Each Brik is an independent business module (example: file storage, inventory management, automated customer service) at extremely low price of 6 to 10 euros per user per month. We are adding more Briks regularly to better support more of your business processes.

What are Softbrik benefits over IT systems or standalone software?
With Softbrik you can get started within minutes. You only pay for the features you need and you can scale up or down according to business needs. Also, no more headache to manage data and installation of different standalone software. Finally, as the Briks are interconnected, you get analytics from the cross-dependency of processes leading to pro-active mitigations.

How does Softbrik work?
When you register with Softbrik you become the admin of the team account and you can assign Briks to team members (users) as they need them in their respective job roles. Each user will receive an email invite with sign up information and after joining they can directly start to use the Briks assigned to them for day to day business.

Will Softbrik add more Briks?
Yes! We are planning much more Briks soon. Users will be notified on the release of new Briks immediately. We will be explaining more about our roadmap and new Briks on our blog.




When will I pay for the Softbrik services?
You pay for the first month when you sign up for the subscription. You are then billed every month. So, If you signup on 12. December then your next payment will automatically be made on 12. January. Your payment period is then from 12. to 12. each month. You can cancel the subscription at any time see Softbrik’s cancellation policy.

Can I change the payment period?
We are aware that some companies prefers to have the invoicing following the calendar months. If you which to change the timing of your invoice contact our support team at At the end of your next payment period, we will then create an invoice that covers from for example the 12. December to 31. December and your payment period would then going forward be from the 1. to the 1. each month.

How will I pay for the Softbrik services?
The credit card you entered during the registration is used for the subscription. The credit card information can be updated in the admin panel.

How do I pay?
Softbrik can accept payment on any valid credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) through our payment partner. The payments are accepted only in Euros for now.

What is Softbrik’s cancellation Policy?
There are two types of cancellation.
Removing Individual Users: If you remove a user after the month starts, the user will be fully removed at the end of the payment period and you will be charged for the Briks enrolled to that user for the rest of the month. You can reverse this decision and add the user back later anytime if you wish.



Account Management

Removing Company Account: In the case that you wish to terminate the Softbrik account permanently, please mail to us at and we will terminate the account. Each account can be closed only at the end of a payment period, so please contact us no later than 2 weeks before next payment date. This is a non-reversible decision and, in the future, to use Softbrik your company account has to be registered again. No company data will be retained.

When should I change the user/Brik assignment?
You can make changes to the number of users or Briks they use at any time. However, to ensure you don’t pay for users or Briks you don’t use make sure to review your setup frequently. Changes made until 2 days before the invoicing date will be reflected in the next invoice. We will remind you by email well ahead of your next invoicing date to review your setup.

What if I add a new user or add Briks in the middle of my payment period?
If you add new Users or Briks you will be charged the difference directly using the saved credit card. The price will be adjusted to match the number of days left in your monthly payment period.

What if I remove a user or remove Briks in the middle of my payment period?
If you remove a user, the user will be fully removed at the end of the payment period. However if you don’t want the user to have access for the remaining days make sure to email us directly at The same applies to removing Briks from existing users, all changes will be effective at the start of your next payment period.

My credit card is not being recognised
Our payment solution currently only supports VISA and MASTERCARD credit card types. If your card for some reason is not supported, make sure to contact us using either our contact form or email us directly at

I did not receive an invoice
Invoices are emailed directly to the email address of the admin (the email address used to setup the Softbrik account). If you did not receive it or if you need to have it send to another email address make sure to contact us using either our contact form or email us directly at


Data Security

Is my data safe on the cloud?
Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between Softbrik and the customer. Softbrik and its underlying cloud architecture provider (AWS) is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in the Cloud. This infrastructure is composed of the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run Softbrik and AWS Cloud services. Customer responsibility includes choice of Briks and safeguarding data input and output. Customers should be proactive in training their teams how to operate in a secure fashion.

Can I get access to the hardware with my data on?
No, All Softbrik services runs on AWS who owns and run the physical data centers. You can read more about AWS’s data centers and security here:

The AWS data centers is compliant with almost all major regulations worldwide. You can read more about AWS compliance here:

Can Softbrik employees see my data?
No, your data is encrypted at rest and at transit. This means that your data cannot be viewed by either Softbrik employees nor AWS employees. Softbrik uses the AWS KMS services to double encrypt all data saved. This means that only people with a user account and password to our customer account and see the data.

Make sure to keep your passwords save and be aware of social engineering and hackers. Softbrik support would never ask for your password.

What does Softbrik do to keep data safe?
Softbrik has enabled multiple security aspects like Amazon GuardDuty, a threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorised behavior. This is done to help protect your Softbrik account and workloads. It monitors for activity such as unusual API calls or potentially unauthorised deployments that indicate a possible account compromise. GuardDuty also detects potentially compromised instances or reconnaissance by attackers.

Does Softbrik or its partners share my data with other 3rd parties?
Softbrik does not access or share company or private data and meta-data with any other 3rd parties except few specific use cases as mentioned and regularly updated in our Privacy Policy


Technical Support


Microphone does not record: Softbrik uses your browser for recording your voice. If you are using your browser first time to record voice, your phone will ask for permission to record on the website. In case the phone doesn’t ask you might have blocked your browser accessing the mic in the past. 

To unblock for iOS: Go to Settings -> Browser App (Safari or Chrome) -> Microphone access to All website or Allow Softbrik. 

To unblock for Android: Go to Settings-> App permissions -> Microphone -> Allow Browser App (Chrome or Firefox)

Please Note: Other browsers like Duckduckgo , Opera etc are work in progress for us to integrate as best possible.