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Personalized Patient
Care & Support

2 Way Patient Surveys &
Communication with Voice AI

Increase efficiency 4X
by saving Admin hours!






Softbrik Medical Clinic Feedback

How Does it Work?


The medical team sets up web forms and clinically validate Voice surveys in minutes and shares them as links or QR.


Patients answer with voice or text messages through browsers in their own language with attached screenshots.


Our AI groups the Patient Voice-to-text messages by key context (Symptoms, Questions) for group or individual resolution or insights.


Medical workers read, listen, respond or analyze the information through the Voice Survey tool for Healthcare by group or individual messages over email, increasing efficiency by 400% over 1:1 phone calls.

Support Patients with Healthcare voice Survey via all Channels & Journeys

Softbrik’s Voice Survey, Feedback and Support platform enables Health Workers to capture deeper insights and supports patients much faster.

Analytics reveal symptoms, latent conditions and post operative improvement from regular feedback.

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Personalized Customer Experience to understand Product Needs better

Healthcare Voice Survey Enables Patient Engagement with Conversations

Softbrik’s AI group incoming feedback for Medical Workers to respond easily to Individual or Cohorts of Patients facing similar issues using Voice Messages.

Voice Surveys for Healthcare are useful for Public Health Surveys, Post-Surgery Feedback, and Pharmacovigilance.

AI for better
Preventive Health

Softbrik’s voice survey with AI automatically analyses quantitative and qualitative data to give you in-depth insights, patterns, and alerts.

Softbrik AI enabled Preventive Health Analytics

Healthcare Voice Survey Tool Connect Medical Workers & Patients

Trust Brik

Voice Feedback

Capture patient's voice feedback in 10 seconds from all channels

Gain Customer Trust
How it works

Survey Brik

Voice Survey

Design programmatic Voice surveys in minutes with AI Analytics

Multi-page Surveys
How it works

With Softbrik’s Healthcare Voice Survey Tool, you can easily ensure medical workers and patients stay connected across pre-care and after-care. Use Stak brik to enable communication at any time, only using voice. Spending 20 seconds talking is a fast and easy way to explain a complex issue instead of writing long emails or documents.

Stak Brik

Voice Support

Voice-to-Text Customer Support with 70% more efficiency in 20+ languages

Advanced Analytics
How it works

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Global Customers

Customer Testimonials

Softbrik increases your Customer's Responsiveness to Surveys up to 500%, while decreasing your Team's effort and cost by up to 60%.
Customer Testimonial
“Using Softbrik we have been able to identify bugs and nuanced feature needs for our Digital Investment product launches and give our customers a great experience"
- Robert Bruse
“As a Doctor, my clinic gets many questions daily related to Covid booster shots or vaccinations. Softbrik Voice Message helps to reduce reply time and stress for both staff and patients"
- Dr. Frank Zölsch
Kitchen Lady
“Successfully selling custom tailored kitchens online requires a good dialog with our customers. Softbrik voice messages matches our technical profile"
- Karin Williams