SoftBrik helps companies capture the actual voice of their key stakeholders – customers and employees. SoftBrik provides an easily customizable solution for capturing voice feedback – without feedback givers having to install an app. The capture functionality can be used through mobile browser or embedded as a function on all customer facing products, apps and websites.

Customers click or scan a QR-Code to simply record and send a voice message. The Machine Learning based functions of the platform automatically detect key insights and emotions in the given feedback. The SoftBrik platform is already being used successfully by companies in various industries ranging from IoT Devices to Health & e-Commerce.

SoftBrik  won StartupvsCovid19 in 2020, an EU funded competition amongst 320 teams, organized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy. The founding team consists of experienced product and technical managers who, among other things, previously built disruptive cloud technology products as part of AWS Innovation Labs.

In addition, there is an advisory board whose members bring experience from different industries (including Software-As-A-Service) as well as worldwide sales.

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Meet the team

Commercial Team

Frederik Andersen

Co-Founder / CEO

20 years experience as Technical Manager and Agile Coach

Aanchal Grover

Senior Account Manager

15 years experience in Human Resource and Coaching

Daniel Sanzo

Senior Account Manager

15 yrs experience in Sales and Account Management

Hannah Ajikawo

Sales & Marketing Consultant

30 years experience in Sales Funnel development

Tech Team

Almir Zulic

Lead Developer

Full stack developer and Cloud Architecture expert

Michael Larsen

Senior Front End developer

Frontend development and User Experience expert

Ossema Hedri

Data Scientist

Data Science, Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning expert


Gernot Jaeger

Strategic Advisor

Advisor, executive coach and former C-level executive in enterprise SaaS

Andreas Traut

Go-To-Market Advisor

Serial entrepreneur with several exits in retail and IP specialist

Ingrid Lindblom

Financial Adviser

Serial entrepreneur, start-up finance expert and advisor

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    Softbrik is Located in Tallinn and in Luxembourg.

    In Luxembourg you will find us at Softbrik Health Sarl, 21 Rue Glesener, 1631 Luxembourg / +352 661 42 19 03

    Business REG. #20202438394 / VAT #LU32396000

    In Tallinn you will find us at Softbrik OU, Hobujaama 4, 10151 Tallinn, Estionia / +372 713 0818 / +45 50 10 85 02

    Business REG. #14597527 / VAT #EE102129300