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Personalized Insurance
Support with Voice

Resolve Complex Issues Faster
Better CX at Lower Cost for Digital-First Insurance
Easy Setup | 20+ Languages | No Code

For digital-first hyper personalized Insurance, new age challenges in Customer Management includes:

  • Complex Claims Settlement
  • Customer Churn
  • KYC / AML gaps


Often Bots and FAQs cannot handle complex queries and it takes business teams weeks of back and forth to resolve via text emails causing huge Customer Frustration.  Softbrik reduces issue resolution speed by 70% through better Customer Input and Voice & Image over Text E-mail for Asynchronous yet Empathetic Support.

How Does it Work?


Insurers ask Customers questions on their specific issues


Customers share voice or text messages through browsers in their own language with attached screenshots


Our AI translates and groups the voice-to-text messages by key context for individual or bulk resolution.


Specific input and clarity improves Issue Resolution time by 70% or more.

Use for all Customer Channels & Journeys

Softbrik’s Voice Survey, Feedback and Support platform enables your team to capture deeper insights and easily turn to concrete actions across all your channels at one dashboard.

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Personalized Customer Experience to understand Product Needs better

Retain Customers with Personalization & Empathy at Scale

Softbrik’s AI group incoming feedback for your Team to respond easily to Customers Cohorts facing similar issues using Voice Messages, achieving Personalization at Scale.

Actionable AI enabled Analytics

Softbriks AI automatically analyses quantitative and qualitative data to give you in-depth insights, patterns and alerts.

Resolve Digital Banking Issues Faster

Ensure Complete Customer Communication with Voice Surveys for SaaS

Design & Deploy Voice-to-Text Forms, Surveys and Support Issues with a few clicks to capture Customer Messages across all channels and journeys for your SaaS Product

Trust Brik

Voice Feedback

Capture customer's voice feedback in 10 seconds from all channels

Gain Customer Trust
How it works

Survey Brik

Voice Survey

Design programmatic Voice surveys in minutes with AI Analytics

Multi-page Surveys
How it works

Stak Brik

Voice Support

Voice-to-Text Customer Support with 70% more efficiency in 20+ languages

Advanced Analytics
How it works

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Global Customers

Customer Testimonials

Softbrik increases your Customer's Responsiveness to Surveys up to 500%, while decreasing your Team's effort and cost by up to 60%.
Customer Testimonial
“Using Softbrik we have been able to identify bugs and nuanced feature needs for our Digital Investment product launches and give our customers a great experience"
- Robert Bruse
“As a Doctor, my clinic gets many questions daily related to Covid booster shots or vaccinations. Softbrik Voice Message helps to reduce reply time and stress for both staff and patients"
- Dr. Frank Zölsch
Kitchen Lady
“Successfully selling custom tailored kitchens online requires a good dialog with our customers. Softbrik voice messages matches our technical profile"
- Karin Williams