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Affordable Pricing

Tailer made pricing to your specific needs


129Per month
Signle User Licens (Personal use only)
Default Content ML/AI Tags
5 Trust Forms
1.000 Yearly Feedback Messages
1 Full Page Voice Surveys
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Incl. NPS Trust Design
1.000 Yearly Stak Issues
Fixed E-Mail Templates
Sentiment Analysis
Support for 2 Languages
Own Subdomain

Proof Of Concept

From €10Kfor 3 months
6 User Licenses
Industry Specific ML/AI Tags
20 Trust Forms
5.000 Feedback Messages
3 Full Page Voice Surveys
Analytics Dashboard
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Incl. NPS, E-com, Re-direct Designs
10.000 Stak Issues
Fixed E-Mail Templates
3 Months Subscription Included
Sentiment Analysis
Up to 5 Languages
Own Subdomain
Industry specific Classifier
In-Person Get Started Support


Contact UsTalk to sales
User Licenses: Pr. Need
100% Customised ML/AI Tags
No of Trust Forms: Pr. Need
Feedback Messages: Pr. Need
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Trust Designs: Pr. Need
No. of Full Surveys: Pr. Need
No. of Stak Issues: Pr. Need
Own E-Mail Branding
Advanced AI/ML Dashboards
Sentiment Analysis
Languages - Pr. Need
Own Subdomain
Own Domain - Option
Tier 1 Support
API Integration - Option
Custom Classifiers - Pr. Need
File Storage - Option
Custom Trust Brik Designs
Included In-Person Onboarding of Team

Frequently Asked Questions

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