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Voice Message based Customer Support

Support your customers 60% faster and cheaper than live telephony. Keep all customer issues single threaded linked to CRM.

Auto Issue Creation & Response

Create Issues automatically from Customer Feedback. Analyse Feedback with Softbrik AI and set up auto-response for simple cases.

Retain Happier Customers

80% Customers say fast and meaningful support is key to re-purchasing. Respond better with quick voice messages than Bots without 1:1 live calls requiring many agents.

Respond 70% better with Voice

Respond 70% faster to complex Customers queries and escalations with Voice and Text messages, delivered to them over email as Voice to Text and attached Voice File.

Analyse with AI | Do Integrations

Create AI-Dashboards to automatically identify root customer issues. Integrate Issues to any existing CRM for Support Teams to have unified view of Issues.

70% Faster & Cheaper

Shifting Customer Support to Voice Messages reduces cost and response time by 60% while preserving quality of human response for complex queries.

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AI-Analytics & Software Integrations

Monitor key Customer Issues extracted from open ended Voice Messages with AI-Dashboard. Integrate Stak Issues to your existing CRM Dashboard.