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Voice Message based Customer Service Ticket

Support your customers 60% faster and cheaper than live telephony. Keep all voice survey responses and customer service tickets in a single thread linked to CRM.

Benefits of Using Stakbrik

Automating & Streamlining Customer Service Ticket Management

Create Issues automatically from Customer Feedback. Analyse Feedback with Softbrik AI and set up auto-response for simple cases with Stakbrik. Keep a tab of all customer service tickets along with necessary details.

Retain Happier Customers

80% Customers say fast and meaningful support is key to re-purchasing. Respond to customer service tickets better with more personalization than chatbots and less number of agents.

Respond 70% better with Voice

Respond 70% faster to complex customer service tickets and escalations with Voice and Text messages, delivered to them over email as Voice to Text and attached Voice File.

Integrate Customer Service Tickets with CRM

Analyse customer service tickets to visualise customer issue trends with AI. Integrate issues to any existing CRM for support teams and agents to have a unified view with Stakbrik.

70% Faster & Cheaper

Shifting Customer Support to Voice Messages reduces cost and response time by 60% while preserving quality of human response for complex queries.

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AI-Analytics & Software Integrations

Monitor key Customer Issues extracted from open ended Voice Messages with AI-Dashboard. Integrate Stak Issues to your existing CRM Dashboard.

Softbrik Voice Survey Tool Workflow

Step 1: Create distributable Voice Surveys for your customers to gather customer feedback in more than 20+ languages in Surveybrik. 

Step 2: Get customer voice survey response data from Trustbrik dashboard.  

Step 3 : Create Customer Service tickets from responses and resolve them in a timely manner, integrate all of it in your CRM to ensure 100% response rate.