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Improve Event Participation by 70%

Improve Event Participation & Engagement
with Voice AI based Personalization
Easy Setup | 20+ Languages | No Code

Softbrik increases digital event participation
Softbrik Event Evaluation

Less than 20% of RSVP attendees actually attend events even online. Softbrik helps your Events team to drive participation by asking attendees BEFORE the event to submit a quick question to speakers by voice. 

30% more people show up and attend events till the end when their questions are addressed as responding to their needs.

Similarly ask them for quick voice feedback after the event, increasing response rate and receiving more nuance than just ratings. 

Softbrik AI understand their needs, highlights key contexts and assigns them an Emotional Rating improving your Event Strategy for the future.

How Does it Work?


Create and share Questions that generate Curiosity for Customers before the event as links or QR on brochures.


Customers share voice or text messages through browsers in their own language in few clicks with screenshots.


Our AI understand their needs, highlights key contexts and emotions. Attendee profiles are classified by needs.


Your team reviews and responds by lead priority. 30% more people attend event with personalization.

Use for all Customer Channels & Journeys

Softbrik’s Voice Survey, Feedback and Support platform enables your team to capture deeper insights and easily turn to concrete actions.

Feedback links can be shared via digital channels and QR on packages for deliveries & e-commerce.

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AI Analytics for better E-commerce

Softbriks AI automatically analyses quantitative and qualitative data to give you in-depth insights, patterns and alerts.

Softbrik AI Analytic for Customer Intelligence

Ensure Complete Customer Communication with Voice Surveys for SaaS

Design & Deploy Voice-to-Text Forms, Surveys and Support Issues with a few clicks to capture Customer Messages across all channels and journeys for your SaaS Product

Trust Brik

Voice Feedback

Capture customer's voice feedback in 10 seconds from all channels

Gain Customer Trust
How it works

Survey Brik

Voice Survey

Design programmatic Voice surveys in minutes with AI Analytics

Multi-page Surveys
How it works

Stak Brik

Voice Support

Voice-to-Text Customer Support with 70% more efficiency in 20+ languages

Advanced Analytics
How it works

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