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Get feedback and take action

Voice based AI/ML Platform for Customer Feedback, Support & Surveys

All Channels | 25 Languages
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25% Save - Pay full year and save

Collect feedback from your
Customers Attendees Patients Students and take action

Voice based AI/ML Platform for Customer Feedback, Support & Surveys

All Channels | 25 Languages | No Code

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Softbrik enables voice AI message based reply to customers

Retain Customers with
Voice Conversations

Softbrik’s AI group incoming feedback for your Team to respond easily to Customers Cohorts facing similar issues using Voice Messages, achieving Personalization at Scale.

Best Omni-Channel Customer Journeys

Softbrik’s Voice Survey, Feedback and Support platform enables your team to capture deeper insights and easily turn to concrete actions.

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Actionable AI enabled Analytics

Softbriks AI automatically analyses quantitative and qualitative data to give you in-depth insights, patterns and alerts.

Softbrik AI Analytic for Customer Intelligence

Customer Testimonials

Softbrik increases your Customer Response to Surveys by 3 Times, while reducing the Team's effort and cost by up to 60%.
Customer Testimonial
“Using Softbrik we have been able to identify bugs and nuanced feature needs for our Digital Investment product launches and give our customers a great experience"
- Robert Bruse
“As a Doctor, my clinic gets many questions daily related to Covid booster shots or vaccinations. Softbrik Voice Message helps to reduce reply time and stress for both staff and patients"
- Dr. Frank Zölsch
Kitchen Lady
“Successfully selling custom tailored kitchens online requires a good dialog with our customers. Softbrik voice messages matches our technical profile"
- Karin Williams


Softbrik connects easily with popular CRMs and data analytics tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zendesk,, Slack and many more.​

Softbrik Integrations with Slack, Pipedrive, Zendesk