Reduce Go To Market cost by 60% with Customer Voice to Insights

Softbrik enhances your Customer Feedback & Surveys with 5X better Voice Messages-to-Insights. We embed AI powered Listening & Analytics across Customer Journey reducing guess-work, manual biases and cost.


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How does it work?

  1.  Create voice feedback forms for products, services and employee surveys in 1 min without any tech skills as web-links or QR. 

2. Your customers or employees simply click the web-link or scan the QR to record voice messages through their mobile browsers.


3. We convert the voice to text and group them by pattern for support teams to act faster. Responsive service retains your customers and employees longer.

4 simple steps

softbrik step1

Design voice feedback forms in 1 min

softbrik step 2

Put links on websites, apps & emails or print as QR labels

softbrik step 3

Get voice messages from customers & employees

softbrik step 4

Auto-grouped by emotions and patterns to respond





Subscription: €129 / month Setup Fee: None

'Get Started'
App-free voice capture
Recognizes multiple languages
Generic Feedback Patterns
Number of Users
1 user included
Voice Messages
1oK messages included
Training & Support
Email with Voice support


Subscription: €375 / month Setup Fee: €5,000

'Grow your Business'

App-Free Voice Capture 
Recognizes Multiple Languages
5 Customized Feedback Patterns
1 Customized Analytics Dashboard
Voice based Customer Support Tool
Number of Users
5 users included
Voice Messages
50K messages included
Training & Support
Get Started Workshop
Tech Trends Audio Books
Customer Success Manager Office Hours
Prioritized Email with Voice support


Subscription: €2,450 / month Setup Fee: € 29,500

' Be Market Leader'

App-Free Voice Capture
Recognizes Multiple Languages
25 Customized Feedback Patterns
2 Customized Analytics Dashboard
Voice Based Customer Support Tools CRM Integrations POS Integrations on request
Support System Integrations on request
Number of Users
Users included per agreement
Voice Messages
Unlimited messages included
Training & Support
Scoping of Implementation
Get Started Workshop Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Monthly follow up post implementation
Highest priority Voice and Phone support
Tech Trends Audio Books
Free webinars on learning to innovate

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