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Voice Message based Customer Feedback

Create voice feedback form links with few clicks
and capture your Customer's sentiments

Benefit of Using Trustbrik

Create Voice Forms for Customer feedback

Create Voice Feedback Forms as links to hear your Customer's voice messages across their Journey: Pre-Sales, Usage Feedback, Support and Re-Purchase.

Receive Structured Feedback

Receive Voice messages converted to Text and tagged by our AI to identify key contexts vs just ratings. Translate feedback real time. Listen to feedback if needed.

Share Voice Form via all Channels

Share Voice Form links with Customers through Website, Emails, Social Media or embed in Apps. Put same link as QR on Parcels, Store Posters, Invoices for them to Scan.

Analyse Deeper & Respond Smarter

voice survey tool offers powerful analytics to help understand the root causes of customer issues and provide personalized or bulk responses through email with a voice message to engage and solve problems.

70% Faster & Cheaper

Shifting Customer Communication to Voice Messages increases depth of understanding and efficiency of response while reducing cost by up to 70%.

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Embed and Integrate with existing Systems

Trust Brik can be embedded by simply copy pasting Voice Feedback Form links and integrated via APIs with your existing systems.

Softbrik Voice Survey Tool Workflow

Step 1: Create distributable Voice Surveys for your customers to gather customer feedback in more than 20+ languages in Surveybrik. 

Step 2: Get customer voice survey response data from the Trustbrik dashboard.  

Step 3: Create Customer Feedback Tickets in case of concerns, resolve them promptly, and integrate them into your CRM to ensure a 100% response rate.