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3 Key Steps to create
Amazing Customer Service

Customers today have higher expectations of what they want  to buy. However with the proliferation of digital channels, the buying decision is split into many channels, making it harder for companies to map them to specific customer journeys.


Here are 3 specific steps your business can take to create amazing customer experience.


1. Accurate Listings

39% customers in developed economies buy online once a month but over 65% check listings online. Which means 2 out 0f 3 customers build their buying preference or make their buying decision online even if they do the actual transaction in the store.


This makes it essential for you to have a strong Listings Accuracy mechanism. Incorrect information on listings are one of the top reason behind reduction in brand credibility. Furthermore Google ranks pages based on their Listing accuracy as perceived by Customer Reviews. To improve selection accuracy:


a. Block time every 30 days for quick audit of Listings – If your business has many listings, do a random audit. If 20% Listings fail to adhere to 100% correctness, do a more detailed check.


b. Block time every 60-90 days for detailed Listings update –  With time all listings become dated. You should update Listings over 3 days, at least once a quarter. has an excellent short guide to measure basic listing accuracy like NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).



2. Golden Hour Support

Every business person knows that providing good customer support is essential for brand reputation. But what almost no article tells you is that which metrics out of the many pillars of customer support is the most critical.

Is it pre-purchase information? No

Is it post-purchase guidance? No


Research firmly proves that the most important factor in establishing brand connection and trust are helping quickly when people feel vulnerable. And in business context that translates to providing meaningful trouble-shooting or problem-fixing support within reasonable amount of time for that context (called Golden Hour).


The Golden Hour may vary. For vacation booking like, it can be 24 hours, whereas for restaurant booking on the same day it needs to be 3 hours. But the point is that a genuine attempt to solve the problem within Golden Hour increases brand trust significantly.


And this is where Conversation AI tools like Softbrik can help tremendously with asynchronous voice message  based support. We enable customers to talk in their own language via voice messages with 1 tap on phone browser without calling or waiting in virtual queues.


Your business support team can then respond back in bulk with customers having similar problems increasing their productivity while improving customer response rate within golden hour to almost 100% for high NPS.


3. Scale Teams based on Customer Journeys

For modern day Digital First businesses, the age of functional and departmental or even in some context geographical thinking is almost over. The most effective way to build teams is to create it by customer journeys, not functions and departments.

Let me explain with an example.


Let us assume that we have a chocolate factory. The old style of organizing sales resources would have been by geography – French, German teams or Retail, Online etc. Channels. However in an increasingly globalized customer behaviour world, such differentiators are becoming less and less important except language, pricing and regulatory differences as customer behaviours are converging by preferences. 


So instead create teams that target the chocolate journey of young demographics – from discovery on Tiktok or Instagram Reels to small cash or Digital wallet buying outside educational institutes. Another team can focus on 30+ age audience, typically favouring to buy small discovery quantities at lifestyle stores and transitioning to ordering online in bulk straight to home or even workplace.


By having customer journey based teams, you can create Listings, Support and CRM touches tailored to the customer journeys, creating and sharing end to end knowledge on journeys instead of siloes with broken experience.  


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