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Improve Lead Qualification & Conversion by 30%

Use App-less Voice based Insights to understand Customer Need and Quantify Purchase Intent at scale for an automated but nuanced Sales Qualification process.

Lead Qualification Feedback

Most Lead Qualification processes are either resource intensive with 1:1 sales calls or guesswork based if automatic depending on demographic analysis.

Softbrik enables your lead qualification process by adding the power of Voice AI.


How does it work?

Your team can set up Customer questions in many languages to understand their needs and intent. Customers answer via voice on their browser with 1 click increasing response.

Softbrik AI understand their needs, highlights key contexts and assigns them an Emotional Score.

We can further match buyer profiles to vocalized needs and context analysis to create lead rankings.

Your team reviews the results and responds to leads by priority with targeted communication to increase conversion.

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How to get customer feedback

With Softbrik you can easily gather customer feedback from multiple channels. Use Trust brik to capture fast feedback – most customers is willing to spend 20 seconds talking. Use Survey brik for an after event or product post-usage follow up questionnaire. 

Trust Brik

Voice Feedback

Capture customer's voice feedback in 10 seconds from all channels

Gain Customer Trust
How it works

Survey Brik

Voice Survey

Design programmatic Voice surveys in minutes with AI Analytics

Multi-page Surveys
How it works

Stak Brik

Voice Support

Voice-to-Text Customer Support with 70% more efficiency in 20+ languages

Advanced Analytics
How it works

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