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Value for Money Upgrade!

Pay yearly and save 25%.



129Per month
Signle User Licens (Personal use only)
Default Content ML/AI Tags
5 Trust Forms
1.000 Yearly Feedback Messages
1 Full Page Voice Surveys
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Incl. NPS Trust Design
1.000 Yearly Stak Issues
Fixed E-Mail Templates
Sentiment Analysis
Support for 2 Languages
Own Subdomain

Proof Of Concept

From €10Kfor 3 months
6 User Licenses
Industry Specific ML/AI Tags
20 Trust Forms
5.000 Feedback Messages
3 Full Page Voice Surveys
Analytics Dashboard
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Incl. NPS, E-com, Re-direct Designs
10.000 Stak Issues
Fixed E-Mail Templates
3 Months Subscription Included
Sentiment Analysis
Up to 5 Languages
Own Subdomain
Industry specific Classifier
In-Person Get Started Support


Contact UsTalk to sales
User Licenses: Pr. Need
100% Customised ML/AI Tags
No of Trust Forms: Pr. Need
Feedback Messages: Pr. Need
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Trust Designs: Pr. Need
No. of Full Surveys: Pr. Need
No. of Stak Issues: Pr. Need
Own E-Mail Branding
Advanced AI/ML Dashboards
Sentiment Analysis
Languages - Pr. Need
Own Subdomain
Own Domain - Option
Tier 1 Support
API Integration - Option
Custom Classifiers - Pr. Need
File Storage - Option
Custom Trust Brik Designs
Included In-Person Onboarding of Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Just click the Sign up button on this page for the tier that suits best to your need. For any question do not hesitate to reach us at

Yes, you will automatically be moved to the next tier once you pay and login again.  If you face any problems in terms of accessing the new tier please immediately reach out to us at