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129Per month
Signle User Licens (Personal use only)
Default Content ML/AI Tags
5 Trust Forms
1.000 Yearly Feedback Messages
1 Full Page Voice Surveys
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Incl. NPS Trust Design
1.000 Yearly Stak Issues
Fixed E-Mail Templates
Sentiment Analysis
Support for 2 Languages
Own Subdomain

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From €10Kfor 3 months
6 User Licenses
Industry Specific ML/AI Tags
20 Trust Forms
5.000 Feedback Messages
3 Full Page Voice Surveys
Analytics Dashboard
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Incl. NPS, E-com, Re-direct Designs
10.000 Stak Issues
Fixed E-Mail Templates
3 Months Subscription Included
Sentiment Analysis
Up to 5 Languages
Own Subdomain
Industry specific Classifier
In-Person Get Started Support


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User Licenses: Pr. Need
100% Customised ML/AI Tags
No of Trust Forms: Pr. Need
Feedback Messages: Pr. Need
Own Branding on Trust Forms
Trust Designs: Pr. Need
No. of Full Surveys: Pr. Need
No. of Stak Issues: Pr. Need
Own E-Mail Branding
Advanced AI/ML Dashboards
Sentiment Analysis
Languages - Pr. Need
Own Subdomain
Own Domain - Option
Tier 1 Support
API Integration - Option
Custom Classifiers - Pr. Need
File Storage - Option
Custom Trust Brik Designs
Included In-Person Onboarding of Team

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We are small
but grand ambitious

Softbrik helps companies capture the actual voice of their key stakeholders – customers and employees. Softbrik provides an easily customizable solution for capturing voice feedback – without feedback givers having to install an app.

Customers click a link or scan a QR-Code to simply record and send a voice message. The Machine Learning based functions of the platform automatically detect key insights and emotions in the given feedback. Softbrik is already used successfully by companies in various industries ranging from Telecom to Health & e-Commerce.

Softbrik won StartupvsCovid19 in 2020, an EU funded competition amongst 320 teams, organized by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy as well as Covid-X EU funded accelerator competition. The founding team consists of experienced product and technical managers who, among other things, previously built disruptive cloud technology products as part of AWS Innovation Labs.

In addition, there is an advisory board whose members bring experience from different industries (including Software-As-A-Service) as well as worldwide sales.

Loved by hundreds of Peoples across the world

Softbrik Customers are from many different industries and with many different use cases - Read some of their stories below.
“Work management platform teams use to stay to focused on the goals projects and daily tasks.
- Robert Bruse
“Work management platform teams use to stay to focused on the goals projects and daily tasks.
- Sarah Smith
“Work management platform teams use to stay to focused on the goals projects and daily tasks.
- John William

Meet the Softbrik team

We are a distributed team and to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks, we use our own tools to communicate with voice messages.

Frederik Andersen

CEO / Co-Founder

Michael Larsen

Software Engineer
Profile Pic

Romit Choudhury

COO / Co-Founder

Oussema Hedri

Data Scientist

Andreas Traut

Strategic Advisor
soon 22

Almir Zulic

Software Engineer

Company info

Softbrik is a company with an interest in all parts of the world. As such our team are all from different countries and with complementary background. Softbrik is an EU started company, originally established in Estonia with a subsidiary in Luxembourg.

Voice message Support

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MAIN Office

Hobujaama tn 4,
10151 Tallinn

Company Info

Softbrik OU
Reg no. 14597527
VAT no. EE102129300


25% Save - Pay full year and save

Increase Productivity
with AI

Voice & Context Search based AI/ML Platform for increasing productivity for enterprises

Expert in Regulated Sectors
Health | Public | BFSI
Omni Channel | 40 Languages

25% Save - Pay full year and save

Increase Productivity for
Customers Processes Employees with AI/ML

Voice & Context Search based AI/ML Platform for increasing Productivity for Enterprises

Omni Channel | 40 Languages
Expert in Regulated Sectors - Health, Public, BFSI

Voted as a High Performer
Software by G2 Marketplace Worldwide!

G2 High Performer Software

Globally Selected for Intel Liftoff Program for AI/ML Innovation & Application!

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Hundreds of Happy Customers Globally

Most Innovative User Intelligence & Engagement!

Softbrik enables voice AI message based reply to customers

Faster Customer Communication
with Voice and AI Categorization

Softbrik’s AI group incoming feedback for your Team to respond easily to Customers Cohorts facing similar issues using Voice Messages, achieving Personalization at Scale.

Best Omni-Channel Customer Journeys

Softbrik’s AI enabled Productivity Platform enables your team to capture deeper insights easily and turn them faster to action.

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AI powered Sentiment Analytics

Softbriks AI automatically analyses quantitative and qualitative data to give you in-depth insights, patterns and alerts.

Softbrik AI Analytic for Customer Intelligence

Customer Testimonials

Softbrik increases your Customer Response to Surveys by 3 Times, while reducing the Team's effort and cost by up to 60%.
Customer Testimonial
“Using Softbrik we have been able to identify bugs and nuanced feature needs for our Digital Investment product launches and give our customers a great experience"
- Robert Bruse
“As a Doctor, my clinic gets many questions daily related to Covid booster shots or vaccinations. Softbrik Voice Message helps to reduce reply time and stress for both staff and patients"
- Dr. Frank Zölsch
Kitchen Lady
“Successfully selling custom tailored kitchens online requires a good dialog with our customers. Softbrik voice messages matches our technical profile"
- Karin Williams


Softbrik connects easily with popular CRMs and data analytics tools like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zendesk,, Slack and many more.​

Softbrik Integrations with Slack, Pipedrive, Zendesk