Softbrik Academy

Softbrik Academy

Welcome to the Softbrik Academy!

Here you can find short tutorials, training videos and a lot of help to learn quickly about the powerful functionalities of the Softbrik Platform and apply them in your daily business. 

Softbrik Academy

Welcome to the Softbrik Academy!

Here you can find short tutorials, training videos and a lot of help to learn quickly about the powerful functionalities of the Softbrik Platform and apply them in your daily business. We have also demystified many commonly used tech terms in our glossary sections!


Softbrik Voice AI Founders


We are Fred & Rom

Co-Founders of Softbrik!

We, are ex-Amazon & Google engineer and growth expert respectively, with combined 40 years of experience in digital business growth.

We have condensed our experience to create these tutorials to help you use the Softbrik platform and engage your customers for faster growth. We regularly publish on the website and Linkedin where you can follow us for more growth tips and ideas.





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Softbrik Academy Tutorials and Tips are completely free to inspire you to improve your customer engagement workflows.


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The materials are carefully created and curated by ex-Google, Amazon, Uber and other top tech team experts.

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You can study the short course of Softbrik Academy anytime, anywhere at your own convenience and pace.

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Integrations - 

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Create world class integrations effortlessly with Softbrik

Integrate Softbrik’s Conversation AI to your CRM and Customer Support softwares for effortless increase in Customer Engagement with Voice. The documents below explains how to integrate various Softbrik features to your CRM.

If you have any technical or workflow related questions, please feel free to contact us at

Best CRM Integrations with Softbrik Integrations

Pre-requisite to Integration

Softbrik is a distributed architecture platform which means each customer has their own exclusive account. To use the APIs, you must have a Start-up or a Professional account that give you access to the minimum set of features needed for integration. Both tiers give certain number of API calls free for piloting the integration.

Check here to see which tier suits your need better and sign up accordingly.


Help Center

Here you can find the answers to the most common questions. If your questions remains unanswered then drop us a Voice Message.

Softbrik supports Links and QR codes for customer feedback. That means that everywhere you can place a link visible for your customers you can get feedback. This could be on your website, in the confirmation order, on the Invoice, news emails or similar. You can also place a sticker with the QR code or physical products that you ship.

In Trust brik, just select one or more feedback that you want to reply to and hit the Reply button at the top of the overview. You can either type or record a voice message, that will be emailed to your customer.

Yes, absolutely. Just email us at . You have two options 1. start a yearly subscription now / at the end of your current month or 2. start the yearly subscription when you signed up for the monthly subscription and we will deduct the payments already made.

Yes, with Stak brik we offer a support tool that will allow you to support customers using voice messages. Both support agents and customers can reply quickly with voice. Text is also an option.

We have basic analytics available in the UI for both customer support and feedback. As an Enterprise license holder we will provide you with custom tailed analytic dashboard.

Yes, as a paying customer you will have the option to download a CSV or make an API integration. To get started on the integration reach out to

Soon we will also offer self-service integration with popular CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce and Pipedrive. Sign up to our newsletter to be informed. 

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