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Legal Documents

All policies and documents related to doing business with Softbrik can be found here. Should any information be missing - drop us a Voice Message.


Softbrik employs state of the art double encryption policy and stringent security measures. However sometimes threats can still creep in due to technical vulnerabilities or worse social engineering.

1. Security Risks

a. Identity Thefts

Softbrik will never ask you for personal information like passwords, credit card details etc. If you feel that your details have been taken despite normal procedures, it is probably social engineering to steal your identity. In such a situation immediately alert us with an e-mail to with the word ‘Urgent’ in the headline for us to give priority attention.  Alternately you can drop a Voice Message to us with the link here.

b. Data Breach

In case of any suspected hacking, data loss or similar issues please notify us immediately to take preventive and corrective action.


2. Financial Claims 

Softbrik does not deal with your payment systems as that relationship is handled by your bank and Stripe (our payment service provider). In case of any issues with double charging, card blocking, mis-transaction kindly contact your bank first followed by Stripe.



For any invoicing or payment term related issues kindly email us at or drop a Voice Message here.